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WordPress will not save custom field

So after lost battle of trying to get thumbnails to work with my custom WordPress theme I had downloaded, I had abandoned my WordPress website for many months. Okay actually that is a half truth; I did lose the battle, but got distracted with various work related, career building activities, friends, girlfriend, washing my hair, and the cat was on fire World of Warcraft for the last few months. EDIT: you may be here to see why WordPress is not saving custom fields and how to get it to, here is an anchor link to the relevant parts, or how I like to call it the “TLDR link“.

But what was that battle? If this article title did not give it away, I could not for the life of me get the custom field where I entered my image/thumbnail to save. Then after a long hiatus and deciding to give blogging another chance, it worked like magic, first try. Why did it not work before, but suddenly now? I had no clue, I figured it was the several months of missing plugin, theme, and core WordPress updates I did that fixed it. I didn’t really pay much attention since then.

So I made post about an interesting find I had found at work that day (See previous article about email subject lines; okay it was a lame article but I was so excited to blog again that I would have wrote about how I pay for parking by phone instead, so you got email subjects instead). And the war I thought was over went into battle round two… #$@%%@#$%@#$%

Today my main computer started giving me grief, so while running diagnostics, I put this current computer I am posting from together and installed Ubuntu right away fixed the WordPress issue of not saving custom fields. Actually I mashed my face into the keyboard to get an Minecraft server running and punched some trees for a bit, and murdered virtual animals until I was eaten simultaneously by a spider and two zombies, after being hit with an arrow from a skeleton archer.

But anyways, for the part you may have all been waiting for, HOW TO GET WORDPRESS TO SAVE YOUR CUSTOM FIELD. This is actually an answer to a  “trick question”, because WordPress is probably actually saving your custom field, but you are causing it to erase/forget it. What you need to do is:

  1. Write out your post/article (add all category and tag information)
  2. Hit the big blue Publish button
  3. Now add your custom field and its value
  4. Hit the “Add Custom Field” button

Hitting the Publish button for one reason or another causes WordPress to forget custom fields for some reason. This was my mistake, and it is probably yours too!

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