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Email Subject Lines

One of the main functions of my job at my employer is sending Electronic Distributed Messages (eDM’s) to our company’s customers. On average I send approximately 125,000 emails a month (that works out to be almost 1.5 million emails pieces of spam a year). As cheap as e-mails are (as compared to printing, putting in envelopes, paying postage that traditional junk mail requires) I still need to make sure my eDM’s are sent effectively.

One of the best tools I use to ensure an eDM is of the highest quality, is to run it through a program called Litmus. With this tool, I can email a test of my eDM and simultaneously check to make sure it renders cross client, but check for likeliness it ends in a spam folder. It essentially gets you to email it to several addresses that will check to see if common email filtration systems will filter it out, and how dozens of different email clients will render it. It is awesome.

An exciting web application they have just released, for free, is a subject line checker. Now you may be going “well I don’t send thousands of emails to customers a month” but I am willing to bet you do send some important external business emails on occasion. So this tool is for you.

Check it out here:

Now, you still may be wondering how this will help you. Take for example a subject line you would probably see; “Check out our product! It’s fast, reliable and convenient!”. Seems pretty much to the point and gets your message across, untill you realise that convenient is cut off just before the “v” and you get “Check out our product! It’s fast, reliable and con” which is harmless, but causes people to do a double take.

Check out our product! It's fast, reliable and con

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