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  1. new iphone 5 price on Friday 10, 2010

    When is the i phone 5 ( or even the successor of the iPhone 4) supposed to be released? As i lost my personal iphone a couple months ago, and I was wondering if I should just get the iphone4 now or maybe wait for the apple iphone 5… In addition, I found out the actual i phone 4’s display screen shatters very easily if you fall it w/o an instance. Is actually that correct?

    • fyfester on Friday 10, 2010

      Apple is very tight lipped with release dates on new products. Working for a Telecommunications company, we only find out about new products less than a week from launching, and the information is protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements, and I would never be able to share that information.

      My best advice to anyone purchasing a smartphone is to first chose your carrier, then look at the devices you choice carrier has, then chose a plan with features you need and want and monthly price you can afford. THEN after all of this, find a compatible device. Too many people make the mistake of buying a particular phone, then choosing a carrier that offers the phone.

  2. Jose Bustamante on Friday 10, 2010


    The problem is that I get that error message, unfortunately the page you give here did not work for me because we have company emails provided by google mail, which have the extension therefore when i put all of this into the page you give it does not work. How can I make this procedure for such google mail account provided by google but with a different extension than

    Please help!

    • fyfester on Friday 10, 2010

      Hello, I am unsure of how to help you here with custom domains with email hosted by Google. These instruction have only worked with accounts for me.